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Netflix cancelled Sense8 so I cancelled Netflix. Let's do it.

You are about 7 times more likely to have dysthymia if you have ADHD vs a non ADHD person and 5 times more likely to have any mood disorder ...

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six types of ADD

Attention Deficit Disorder and the Limbic System


Attention Deficit Disorder and the Limbic System

Dimensional depression severity in women with major depression and post-traumatic stress disorder correlates with fronto-amygdalar hypoconnectivty ...



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Attention Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) or Attention Deficit Disorder (ADD) are associated with attention and executive function in your brain.

He introduces a model that he used at Pinterest and Reddit to break up the understanding of culture into smaller portions that we can then use to grade ...

Alcohol addiction is associated with decreased limbic mGluR5 availability: a 18F-FPEB PET study in human.





The cognitive biases that prevent us from doing great work | Dropbox Blog

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How cigarette smoking may increase the risk of anxiety symptoms and anxiety disorders: a critical review of biological pathways - Moylan - 2013 - Brain and ...

How 'Limbic Capitalism' Preys on Our Addicted Brains

Brain Injury Myths

Emotion Regulatory Brain Function and SSRI Treatment in PTSD: Neural Correlates and Predictors of Change | Neuropsychopharmacology

Psychosis: an autoimmune disease? - Al‐Diwani - 2017 - Immunology - Wiley Online Library

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The Personal Love Stories, the spaces they took place, the network that these encounters

Figure 4.

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Figure 2

Mania secondary to focal brain lesions: implications for understanding the functional neuroanatomy of bipolar disorder - Satzer - 2016 - Bipolar Disorders ...

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The Impact of Parenting on Emotion Regulation During Childhood and Adolescence - Morris - 2017 - Child Development Perspectives - Wiley Online Library

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Neural and behavioral consequences of two different perspective-taking instructions (adapted from Lamm et

ADHD - Executive Functions


Novel rapid-acting antidepressants: molecular and cellular signaling mechanisms | Neuronal Signaling

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Figure 1

Implementing these six tips will help you manage the symptoms of ADD Type 3:

8 Common Myths About ADHD Explained

The Key to Building Great Software Engineering Teams (Hint: It's Not Productivity)


9 K-means clustering image of oxy-hemoglobin concentration change patterns during the resting state. Four healthy (N 1–N 4; top row) mice and four ...


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Figure 1

Figure 9.

Differential serotonin transporter (5‐HTT) and 5‐HT2 receptor density in limbic and neocortical areas of adults and children with ASD: implications for SSRI ...


Figure 3

... and limbic ADD is people with Limbic ADD suffer these symptoms their entire lives. In cases of depression, these symptoms develop later in life and an ...


4. In the early stages of a relationship, the person with ADHD might hyperfocus on their partner, so that it seems like they're the ~center of their world~.

neural activity

Our ...

Figure 1.

Dopamine and Oxytocin Interactions Underlying Behaviors: Potential Contributions to Behavioral Disorders - Baskerville - 2010 - CNS Neuroscience & ...

Polygenic associations of neurodevelopmental genes in suicide attempt | Molecular Psychiatry

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Figure 1

cold reading

One of the issues with neurotransmitters and ADHD are damaged or non-existent receptors. Dopamine, norepinephrine and serotonin have less receptors to bind ...

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Memories of Mars - All about Season 2 | Memories Of Mars : Memories Of Mars

Papez circuit

The Human Odyssey: Navigating the Twelve Stages of Life

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Marketers looking for a new channel to push content should consider Reddit Ads, which can connect brands to top-of-funnel prospects, Hoppe said.

The Unknown Trauma and its personal resonance on my lived experiences

Preservation of limbic and paralimbic structures in aging - Grieve - 2005 - Human Brain Mapping - Wiley Online Library

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Figure 4