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Nikon water immersion objective





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By using silicone oil that has a refractive index closely matching that of live cells as its immersion liquid, this lens allows high resolution imaging of ...

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Objective Selector

MRD07602 NIKON 60X

New Lambda S Objective Series Employs Nikon's Unique Nano-Crystal Coat Technology; Optimized for Live Cell Imaging

CFI75 Apochromat 25XC W 1300

Nikon CFI Plan Apo 60x Water Immersion Objective

Nikon water dipping objective 10x

CFI Plan Fluor Objectives, CFI Apochromat TIRF Objectives, CFI Plan Apochromat Lambda Objectives, CFI75 Water Dipping Objectives ...

The objective depicted on the left in Figure 3 has a parfocal distance of 45mm and is labeled with an immersion medium color code in addition to the ...

Nikon S 40X/0.65 W Water Immersion Microscope Objective

Nikon CFI Plan Fluor Objectives

Nikon simple objectives

aurox confocal microscope Nikon CFI Apo 60xW NIR (Water dipping)

Rare NIKON 10X Water Dipping Microscope Objective Lens W 10X/0.22

Image is loading NIKON-CFI-Plan-100X-NA-1-1-WD-

Nikon Fluor 10x Water Immersion DIC ? Eclipse Microscope Objective

photo 15761.1.jpg ...

Figure 9: A series of more recent Lomo water immersion lenses: two achromats 40/0.75 and 85/1.0 and an apochromat 70/1.23, the latter two containing a ...

There are also practical tips for using oil immersion systems as well as the benefits of using water immersion objectives, especially when imaging live ...

3) Some high power water objectives don't sport spring cushioned noses and the chances of collision damage with the slide/coverslip is high, so great care ...

Nikon E Plan infinity objectives

Likewise, the use of oil immersion objectives to observe living cells is also problematic due to refractive index differences between the aqueous imaging ...

... CFI60 Water Dipping Objectives

aurox confocal microscope Nikon CFI Apo 40xW NIR (Water dipping)

Nikon Fluor 40X DIC M W ~ Microscope Objective Eclipse Water Immersion

Image 1

Other features found on specialized objectives are variable working distance (LWD) and numerical aperture settings that are adjustable by turning the ...

... CF N Plan 4/0.13 objectives. The image results, as seen in these actual pixel crops taken at approximately 4X, also appear indistinguishable to me.

Nikon CFI Plan Apo 60x/1.2 ∞/0.15-0.18 WD 0.22 DIC H water immersion objective | #465064171

In contrast, a 60/1.2 water immersion maintains its performance perfectly well over at least as much as 0.15 mm water (data from Nikon at


Working distance of a Nikon 10X dry objective while imaging sample inside a higher index liquid

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The same sphere remains spherical when using a water immersion objective, even though the imaging rays must still pass through the glass coverslip with a ...


Zeiss 20x

Nikon microscope objective lens collection ...

Nikon Ti-E

Nikon Live Cell Confocal Imaging System

Nikon CFN Plan Apo 60x/1.2 WI Water Immersion Objective

Nikon Plan 40x/0.70na Ph3 Objective

Color Coding of Objectives

Effects of refractive index mismatch on sample shape.

in excellent, as new, optical and cosmetic

Nikon stereomicroscope

The Clemson Light Imaging Facility has dry, water immersion and oil immersion objective lenses ranging from 4X to 100X, including the Nikon 60X TIRF oil ...

Nikon Fluor 40x/ 0.85 160/0.11-0.23 Microscope Objective w/ coverslip collar

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Figure 8: Glycerol objectives are a good choice for samples mounted in media with a refractive index close to that of a glycerol/water mixture (e.g. ...

Leica 40X

Nikon 40x DL Ph3 LWD Microscope Objective

The test diatom Navicula lyra, as seen by means of the TWX-1 oil immersion objective. CCD camera: Nikon Coolpix 995, Ebay "CP"-Adapter.

(a)-(b) Conversion of 10X air objective to

Cleared Tissue Objective

Nikon Objective CFI NIR APO Water Dipping

For pond critters and such there's the usual glassware:

Nikon E Plan 40x Microscope Objective

Immersion Media

Nikon CFI Plan Apo 60x/1.2 ∞/0.15-0.18 WD 0.22 DIC H water immersion objective | #465064171

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OMAX 100X (Oil, Spring) Achromatic Compound Microscope Objective Lens

Nikon CFI Plan 10x/0.25NA 10.5mmWD objective for extreme macro

Gillett & Sibert x100 Objective

The four objectives on the turret were:

Download figure ...

Nikon ir antireflection coated water immersion objective. Characterization of currents evoked by 2P holographic stimulation and two-photon excitation ...

Comparison of deep tissue images taken of mouse cerebral neocortex sections rendered transparent and photographed with

photo 15761.1.jpg photo 15761.2.jpg ...

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Multi-Immersion Objectives

Nikon Plan Fluor 20x / 0.75 MImm DIC N2 Water Oil Glycol Microscope Objective

Nikon 50x Oil - $993.00. Nikon 50x Oil Immersion Objective ...

Top-down view ...

Nikon Olympus Phase Contrast Microscope Objective Set Of 7


Nikon 10x 0.3 Objective - model for prototyping

Nikon CFI Plan Apo 60x/1.40 Oil DIC H WD0.21 Eclipse Microscope Objective

Zemax (optical design) files of microscope objectives, tube lenses, and Fourier imaging setups

OMAX 60X Achromatic Objective Lens (Spring) for Compound Microscopes

Figure 4: Oil immersion objectives are ideally suited for samples that are mounted in a medium that matches the refractive index of glass.

Nikon Fluor 20x/0.50w Dic M Inf/0 Wd 2.0 Water Immersion Microscope

Nikon A1Si spectral detector confocal system

Nikon Flour 20X Ph3DL Phase Contrast Microscope Objective – Microscope Central

Nikon CFI90 20XC Glyc objective for biological microscopes supports whole brain imaging