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One up crossword

Complete Answers

Complete Answers

Complete Answers

Complete Answers

Complete Answers

Complete Answers

Slipped up: ERRED 4. Drum held between knees: BONGO 5. Create something from wool: KNIT 6. Maybe feathered for cleaning: DUSTER 7. Possess: OWN

Swept-up hairstyle – UPDO 8. Resist, withstand – DEFY 9. Tricky situation – CORNER 10. For all to hear – ALOUD

One Clue Crossword Make Up Bag Answer

4. Stanzas – VERSE 5. Pack animal – MULE 6. Nerve cell – NEURON 7. Went by plane – FLEW 8. Turn up, arrive – ROLL UP 9. Strongly advises – URGES

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Overload, block up – CLOG 2. Was against – OPPOSED 3. Porcelain – CHINA 4. Some or other – ANY 5. Religious instructive talk – SERMON 6. Applaud – CLAP

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Pick-me-up – TONIC 5. No score – NIL 6. Fabric made from flax – LINEN 7. Innocent, ingenuous – NAIVE

I made one up, did a print screen, and then pasted onto a photo editor and saved. This first one is about Barney. Give it a try!

Drink alcohol (inf) – BOOZE 5. Capture and hold – OCCUPY 6. Menageries – ZOOS 7. Despot, bully – OPPRESSOR 8. Suddenly occur – CROP UP 9. Dove sounds – COOS

The Sun Two-Speed Crossword Collection 5: 160 Two-in-one Cryptic And Coffee Time Crosswords [Bind-up Edition]

Complete Answers

The Everyman crossword boasts a long tradition of good cryptic puzzles, going back as far as 1945. It has been set by various people over the years, ...

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Thursday, May 2, 2019


THEME: anagrams — answers are essentially cryptic crossword clues where one word is taken to mean "mix the other word up"

Complete Answers



Wembley Light-Up Crossword Table Clock, Red/Coppr (Rust/Coppr)

Owlv2 answers chemistry lab

Puts one's feet up Answer

Close up of crossword puzzle with word poppy day visible. Selective focus so that only one word is in focus

Evan Birnholz's July 21 Post Magazine crossword, “Turn Signals”

Where crosswords are concerned, practice really does make perfect, it takes up to nine

... The Sun Two-Speed Crossword Collection 3: 160 two-in-one cryptic ...

Fill in the blanks crossword puzzle with american style grid of 23x23 size, 68 blocks

... the less it matters whether the number of unches is one more or one less than half the total number of letters, but for five-letter words, ...

crossword puzzle

If the Listener is at one end of the crosswords scale, the NYTimes Mini is at the other. The Mini, edited since its inception by Joel Fagliano, ...

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18 Post Magazine crossword, “Upstaged”

One might end up in a tie Answer

Cocoa Crossword Puzzle, one of the printable easy crossword puzzles from www.word-

... idioms with just four characters, which gives you just two characters of one idiom and let you complete the idiom by filling it up with the other two.

My deliberately bad puzzle

Q: Will “Off The Record” change my life for the better? A: Only one way to find out—PICK ONE UP TODAY!

One who cooks up a story: 2 wds.


American Crossword Puzzle Tournament Round-Up!

... The Sun Two-Speed Crossword Collection 3: 160 two-in-one cryptic. >

The cryptic crossword clue: The Times - 17 April 2018

Forget One's PlaceForget One's Place

Crucigrama: Crossword. Are You up for a Word Game?

Special shout out to Amy Reynaldo and Jesse Lansner for both sending me a photo of this boss establishment in D.C. Road trip anyone? Sign me up, oh, ...

Alibi v28 i29 crossword answers

Molecule Makeup Crossword Makeupview Co

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THEME: "Movie 'M*A*S*H' 'Up'" — Two one-word movie titles are stuck together to make a wacky plot description of a third movie.

Comparing two possible fills: The one with the cheater square (below) has cleaner

1d. Peruse – BROWSE 2. Peaceable Indian leader – GANDHI 3. Large heavy book – TOME 4a.Brownish-yellow gem – TOPAZ 4d. Start orchestral rehearsal – TUNE UP


A series of studies have sung the praises of the crossword for brain health

One of those in a costly pile-up? crossword clue - CrosswordAnswers Punchy Pile


Rex Parker Does the NYT Crossword Puzzle: SUNDAY, Mar. 4, 2007 - Randolph Ross

Ecology terms (year 2 warmup) crossword by DrBhavsar | Teaching Resources


The Crossword Mysteries Holiday Collection: A Crossworder's Holiday, A Crossworder's Gift, Wrapped Up

Road Signs-Directions Crossword Puzzle

The Independent's Codeword

One-Upmanship (Saturday Crossword)

June 13 Crossword

One thing that solvers often wonder about on encountering cryptic crosswords is why the grid looks so different from the one in a regular crossword puzzle.

Congratulations to Kate Morrone for being the first one to submit a complete and correct crossword. John Stanton gets an honorable mention.

ARCTIC MONKEYS CROSSWORD. Winner shall receive a poster on my profile of their choice!

Berkeley Independent Crossword Puzzle

Double Crossword


To download a printable version of the crossword ...

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Evan Birnholz's July 14 Post Magazine crossword, “Losing the Plot”


Kevin Oliver Murray

system of self defense crossword

NYTimes WordplayVerified account

1d. Asian cooking sauce – SOY 2. Glamorously foreign – EXOTIC 3. Steep, especially a cliff – SHEER 4. Cut up an onion – CHOP 5. Send with a letter – ENCLOSE

Bit of baling twine used to hold up one's britches? Answer

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Solve this puzzle. It's no lead pipe cinch.

Image A worker lines up rounds of silver on the annealer as part of the coin production

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For countless times, he tried his best to catch the neighbor in the act of doing the crossword. He tried to wake up early several times but it was of no ...

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