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Referendums held in the UK

Two Indiana school districts will pursue referenda during this November's elections.

An overview of how states performed on 2013 ballots

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Ban referenda as being unconstitutional in our Representative Democracy

Lithuania's CEC announces presidential runoff, confirms referenda results


Lemont Election 2018: Referenda Questions On The Ballot

Referenda: like the egg that was excellent in parts*

BAI publishes updated guidelines on referenda coverage

CRC's decision to rerun BDS and drug referenda to be appealed



University of Nottingham Students' Union

Irish Elections/Referenda: Polls & Results

Western Springs Election 2018: Referenda Questions On The Ballot

Referenda Roundup

A look at constitutional amendments and referenda on Georgia ballot

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Stemmen bij referenda en burgemeester kiezen

Elections & Referenda

Perspectives:Asia Lecture: Referenda on independence in New Caledonia and the autonomous region of Bougainville

Initiatives filed in 2019 to the People

Brendan Fernando Kelly Palenque

There were fourteen referenda on the ballot last Tuesday (more here on the campaigns), six passed and eight failed. There will be at least fifty-eight ...

Why I'm Against Referenda

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Average number of referenda per voting day in different periods. Since the first federal referendum in 1848, voters have usually been given the chance to go ...

Referenda Roundup 2016

Why support the referenda?


Referendum form

LIVE: North Carolina referenda results


Referenda empowers movements to have a constructive discussion with stakeholders and block bots, trolls, and foreign influences from derailing the narrative ...

Table 3 : Proportions not Voting in Referenda

The Challenges of Referenda: How Policy Reforms Can Go Awry

Important day: Lithuanians voted in presidential election and two referenda

MSU 2017 referenda: what will be on your ballot? An in depth look at the HSR pass, syllabus repository and the athletic & recreation expansion and student ...

1944 referendum on constitutional changes relating to post-war reconstruction.

A community poll worker in Cabrican, Guatemala records the names of participants in the referendum and hands out ballots, October 2010.

2016 Democratic Primary Referenda

Voter Guide: Minneapolis Public Schools referenda

Referenda empowers movements to have a constructive discussion with stakeholders and block bots, trolls, and foreign influences from derailing the narrative ...

The government leaders come out in force as the Irish Council for Civil Liberties hails declining support for Oireachtas inquiries.

Spring School Referenda Raise Taxes $563 Million Statewide

Details of the Proposed Referenda

In the USA, initiatives and referenda are two mechanisms for direct democracy, which allow voters to play an active role in the legislative process.

Referendum season in Europe: A guide to the referenda on the EU constitutional treaty

Are EU Exit Referenda Good for Democracy?

In addition to boosting school funding with bake sales, Wisconsin voters also approved many revenue referenda Tuesday.

A way of reasoning that not only appeals the most obvious predators, the populist movements, but one that also swallows up the whole political system into a ...

November 6 Election part 3: Referenda, tampering and surprises

Pondering land referenda – Brexit's lessons for SA – Roger Southall

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Referenda cartoon 3 of 4

After referenda, students vote to extend levy and fund €70m expansion of Student Centre

Reasons why referenda may fail-

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This year's first round of school referenda had 10 school corporations asking voters for additional funding. Six were approved and four failed.

John Minihan: We should not look at Referenda with one eye closed

History Workshop

Clubs frustrated with signature collection process to legitimize referenda

and Percentage of Passed and Failed Proposals by Type of Referenda

Practice Areas - Elections, Initiatives & Referenda: Olson Hagel & Fishburn LLP - a Law Firm focusing on Political Law, Litigation, Campaign Reporting ...

Referenda – screenshot 1

Bond Q&E ...

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Maps of Cypriot Elections and Referenda by Thumboy21 ...

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Mixed Results for Area Referenda

Referenda empowers movements to have a constructive discussion with stakeholders and block bots, trolls, and foreign influences from derailing the narrative ...


Learning Waves Skillnet Referenda Guidelines · «

Stemplicht bij bindende referenda

BAI publishes guidelines for media coverage of referenda in May

Voting About Voting: Governing Magazine on 2018 Elections Referenda

Voters in 13 Indiana school districts will decide on education-related referenda May 5. (Photo Credit: Chris Phan/Flickr)

An Interpretation Of The Cook County Referenda Results


Lobby for Cyprus blog

Why voting on referenda matters

Govt seeking to expand scope for public involvement in lawmaking

40% wil bindende referenda

Een van de argumenten tegen corrigerende referenda is de 'mobilisatie van een gepassioneerde minderheid tegenover een niet of minder geïnteresseerde ...

Student Referenda Results

How To Say Referenda

Sussex Students' UnionVerified account

Numerous school finance referenda on March 20 ballot

Referenda To Oppose More Gun Control Laws On Ballot In Over A Dozen Illinois Counties

Early voting begins Monday. WLRN launched a voter's guide to help sort out all the

Are Referenda Actually Good For Democracy?

Important Dates in 2019 Spring Referenda and Elections | UVSS Electoral Office

As the campus looks forward to elections opening on TritonLink starting April 9, it is important that students start to consider not only their picks for ...